Our Story

A romantic couples’ trip through northern Italy inspired best friends Marnette Wilcox and Chrissy Olsen to create Il Bere.

Wine is the staple of the meal throughout Venice, Florence, Siena, Santa Margherita and Lake Como. “Mark your drink!” became the mantra for their trip to avoid confusion over glasses, and the concept of Tipsy Tags was born.


From there, Chrissy and Marnette founded the company Il Bere, which means “To Drink” in Italian, and from there, they branded the wine charms as Tipsy Tags.


Chrissy and Marnette celebrate their own Italian heritage. Both were born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, moving to the West Coast to attend college. The pair did not meet until landing in Vancouver, Washington. It was in Vancouver that their children first became friends, followed soon after by their mothers. Chrissy and Marnette bonded quickly through their shared culture and backgrounds.


Don't wine, just drink


Tipsy Tags has given Chrissy and Marnette the opportunity to meet so many new people and make lifelong friends.  They are constantly updating stock and incorporating new and hip designs each year to keep the customers coming back. Retailers and wineries cannot keep these fun items in stock.


Tipsy Tags is all about making your drink unique and special, as well as being sustainable with all our designs and products.

Together, the ladies look forward to hosting you as their customer—and to making sure that you never lose your booze. Salut!

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